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Dongguan S&J Science And Technology

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Work area :
1. Professional repair Motherboard ,Display operation plate ,CPU board ,I/O board ,Temperature plate бн..
2. Server ,Servo amplifier ,Inverter ,PLC ,Human interface machine Repair
3. Supply electronic scale ,Encoder ,Oil pump ,Professional battery ,Oil seal and other special products
4. Industrial control equipment repair and sales ,and Professional running program or CF card

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Wechat ID: 372108213
email: hzx1987@hotmail.com
contact name :wendy...
Products List

toshiba encoder cpp 45 10sh 4 cpp 45 pressure sensor kh17
toshiba v21 monitor v10mmi 1 injectvisor keyboard control panel
mitsubishi msg machine encoder aep 020 2048 aec 020 2048
mitsubishi a2uscpu s30 cpu unit msg mmg monitor repair
mitsubishi amplifer 5v edv209 mg3 injection molding machine
mitsubishi amplifer board ed qv l 20s ed qv l20 s1
fanuc pulsecoder a860 2000 t301 a06b 0278 b000 motor
sumitomo machine sf screw se30d se50du se100du
sumitomo machine screw se100d se180du se130du se280s
sumitomo se30du se50d se75duz claming screw
sell fanuc monitor board a20b 8100 0851 a20b 3200 016
sell fanuc monitor board a02b 0283 b801 a20b 8001 0730 06d
Contact Us
Company: Dongguan S&J Science And Technology
Contact: Ms. Huang zixiang
Address: bubugao Avenue ,wusha ,changan town
Postcode: 523861
Tel: 86 139 25578969
Fax: 86 769 85312932
Homepage: http://www.ampliferrepair.com

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Tel : 86 139 25578969 Fax : 86 769 85312932
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